DuraRink Pro


DuraRink-Pro-Rink3The DuraRink Pro™ is our best outdoor hockey board system available. Designed for permanent installation with heavy-duty components and engineered to accommodate material expansion, which comes with our wide-ranging North American outdoor temperatures. The system installs easily on a wide variety of surfaces with only two people.

The system come in various size kits and can also be custom ordered to specific dimensions. This full rink design has many optional components available such as player and utility doors, player and penalty boxes, protective mesh, etc.

The system was created with player safety in mind with shock absorbing boards, stay-closed doors, no protruding parts and safety mesh.

Because of its year round utility, the DuraRink Pro™ can be utilized for a variety of sports such as tennis, soccer, basketball and lacrosse. The Kan-Rink quality manufacturing means the DuraRink Pro™ is a solid long term investment which will save you money in the long term.

MultiSportIconsThe DuraRink Pro™ advantages:

  • Solid durable constructing designed to withstand maximum expansion due the North American climate
  • “Stay Put” anchor systems are easy to install on grass, earth, concrete and asphalt
  • Popular rink size kits and custom sizes available
  • Low installation and maintenance costs
  • Simple and quick two people installation
  • Corrosion resistant stainless and galvanized steel hardware
  • Installs and dismantles quickly with only two people
  • Aluminum 1-1/2” x 3” frame construction
  • Resistant UV stabilized Puckboards
  • Safety Shock absorbing boards
  • Stay closed doors
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