VersaRink Pond


VersaRink-Pond-Rink.pngThe VersaRink Pond™ is designed specifically for pond hockey tournaments. This board system assembles and dismantles in a very short time. The singly median boards mean you don’t need as many components for a multi-rink configuration.

The innovative attachment affixes directly in the ice so the board stay in place even during the most energetic games.

The high quality construction is extremely durable and is a wise investment for years to come.

The VersaRink Pond™ advantages:

  • Installs and dismantles quickly with only two people
  • Quick and easy to re-locate and store in a compact space
  • 6” board height
  • Eight foot length modular
  • Compact storage with optional custom pallets
  • High-grade construction with high quality UV stabilized Puckboards
  • Stainless steel components and 3/8” aluminum frame
  • Attachments install directly on ice surface
  • Professional high quality finish
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